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Date of Withdrawal: 24-Nov-2013
Plan No. 806
  • Bima Account II is a without profit Variable Insurance Product.
  • Life Cover: The Sum Assured and the balance in the Policyholder’s Account payable to nominee.
  • On maturity: An amount equal to balance in the Policyholder’s Account is payable.
  • Account maintained are of two types
    • Regular Premium Account - Regular premium paid will be subject to deduction of charges. The balance premium, net of charges, credited to Regular Premium Account.
    • Top up Premium Account - Very Minor charges are deducted from this account compared to Regular Premium Account.
  • Guaranteed annual interest of 6% p.a. for inforce policy and 5% p.a. if the policy is paidup (for the whole of the policy term).
  • An additional interest rate for inforce policies may be declared. The guaranteed interest payable is on net premium.
  • Expense Charge, Mortality Charge, GST charge and Alteration Charge will be deducted every month from the Policyholder’s Regular Premium Account appropriately (NOT from the top up account).
Eligibility Criteria
Min. Max.
Age 8 60
Term 10 15
Sum 150000 199999999
Premium Modes Yly,Hly,Qly,Mly
Yearly Premium for 10000 Sum Assured
Age Min SA Max SA
Up to 35 100000 300000
36-45 100000 200000
46-50 100000 100000
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